Share Your Memories

Headache-free. Easy to share and ready to send.

Between family time, soccer practice, dance lessons, play dates and birthday parties who has the time to search for, resize, upload, and email each and every photo or video one by one? Sometimes it feels like we have to be a digital tech master when trying to email, tweet, and share our memories.

But makes it easy. From your PC to iPhone, all your images and videos can be automatically uploaded to your secure family site into ready to share searchable online family albums. Say goodbye to huge files taking up memory on your computer that are too large to send. With you can easily share with family and friends all your favorite memories.

Imagine no one badgering you anymore to finally send the photos from last year’s graduation. Now, you can do it in just seconds immediately after they are automatically uploaded. In just a few clicks, you can share your memories via your favorite social network. Or privately invite your loved ones to view selected albums on your secure online family site. This gives you the freedom to share what you want to, while keeping private memories just for your family.