iPhone App

Imagine every photo and video you take is automatically organized, backed-up, and ready to share the moment you take it. Think you’re dreaming? You’re not. HoldMyMemories.com makes it easy with our exclusive iPhone app.

The HoldMyMemories.com iPhone app instantly uploads your memories into searchable and shareable albums. You can quickly and easily find what you want anytime. The application can be used on multiple iPhones to synch all your photos and videos to your HoldMyMemories.com online family site.

Now, you can relax and enjoy your special moments even more because you are confident that every photo and video is automatically organized, secured and ready to share with family and friends. With HoldMyMemories.com, you can focus on capturing memories and then relive them with your family either through the app, on your timeline or in the albums you create on your private family site.

So snap away. It's really that easy.