I have been in the photography business for over thirty years. I started as an event photographer in college, occasionally shooting weddings and portraits, and at the end of the school year I would travel across the state taking photos of new graduates receiving their diplomas. After college I worked as an accountant for a bit but my passion had always been photography.

I still have one of the first photos I ever took. It is a favorite of mine. Not because of its composition, or what it represents, but because as I look at this statue of Mary, it brings back memories. Memories of a ten-year-old boy on vacation, playing with his new camera. Memories of my little Polish grandmother whom this trip meant so much to. Memories of time spent with family members, some of whom who are no longer with us.

To me that is what photography is about—capturing special memories. Memories that make us smile when we look back on them.

In the late 80s I decided to get back into the photography business, becoming the first and eventually the largest licensee of that infamous “Glamour” studio chain that was so popular in the late eighties and early nineties.

In the mid 90s I left the Glamour business to open studios that specialized in photographing kids and families. I love capturing memories that will stay in the family for generations!

Of course every year I have my family professionally photographed. As I look at our yearly progression of photos, I can see the personalities in our family start to come out.

Once or twice a year my wife and I will look back at our family photos. We enjoy seeing how our children have grown between professional sittings. While we are on our site, we also enjoy looking at the other memories we captured over the years.

Memories like the time my youngest had to be taken to the emergency room because he stuck a Lego up his nose. My wife captured that now cute moment with the point and shoot camera she had in her purse.

One day I came home from a ten day trip with my new "Flip" video camera. I was playing with the camera when I walked in the door—which allowed me to capture a video that makes my heart melt each time I watch it.

Last year I captured a last moment video, on my iPhone, of my oldest son stealing home plate. I was one proud dad as my son leaped over the catcher to land safe at home!

Several years ago I captured my daughter on video singing a nursery rhyme late at night, with that sweet little voice she outgrew some time ago.

Professional photos, videos captured with an old video camera, or photos captured with my iPhone—each of these are memories my family and I cherish.

Recently my wife took my kids and me on a Disney cruise to celebrate my 50th birthday. Before leaving, I asked my daughter if she remembered the trip we took to Disneyland several years prior when she was only six. She did. She remembered the pool with the beach; she remembered Dad trying to pull the sword out of the stone; she remembered hanging out with Cinderella in her castle; she remembered the “Princess and Pirates Party;” she remembered Winnie the Pooh; she remembered sitting on a bench with Minnie; she remembered one ride that scared her; and she remembered the fireworks show on our last night!

As she was listing off everything she remembered, I went to my HoldMyMemories.com account, and sure enough—what she "remembered" were all photos that were taken during our trip.

If there was anything that helped solidify in my mind how important capturing and holding these special memories are, it was that moment.

In that moment I realized what our children remember is often what they see in photos and videos. It is those photos and videos that capture great memories of our childhood. Those memories are important.

For my family, we had our memories everywhere. Some were on old phones, some on a laptop, some on memory cards, some on a desktop computer at work. Our memories were scattered. As importantly, they were just one hard drive crash, or missing camera, away from being lost forever!

I wanted to create one place where families could hold all their favorite memories. And as people don’t always want to share all their family photos with their social networks. I wanted to make our site one where people could keep all their family memories in one place, sharing only what they want with their social network friends.

It was also important to me that our site worked with professional photographers to add professional portraits to the site as those professionally captured sessions each have a story behind them as well.

With this in mind, we built HoldMyMemories.com (HMM). HMM keeps the memories we hold for our family, but don't necessarily want to share with our social network "friends."

For example, I am the dad that takes video of my boys when they are at bat. I'm the dad that likes to take video of my son's first drum lesson, and my daughter's first guitar lesson. I am the dad that likes to take photos of my kids’ artwork, or the charming little notes they write.

To me, especially with young children, there is something happening every day that is worth holding on to. Moments that make us smile. Having a bad day? Escape to your HoldMyMemories.com account and relive some of your favorite memories. Memories that make you smile. (Seriously, I do that.)

I am inviting you to let me show you how HoldMyMemories.com can preserve your memories by signing up for your free family account right now.