Capture. Organize. Share.

That’s what is all about. We make it easy to manage all your professional and personal photos and videos on one online family site. So you can easily revisit all your favorite moments, memories, and keepsakes with easy-to-search personal albums that are all in one place. Today families store their memories on iPads, cell phones, computers and more. Everything is everywhere and who has time to manually organize thousands of pictures and videos? Or to locate, upload, and email photos to family and friends? Even worse, hard drives crash, cell phones shatter, and priceless memories vanish in a moment. We never think it will happen to us. Until, it does.

With HMM, you never have to worry about losing precious memories again.

Once you sign up, our Memory Box feature and iPhone App can do the rest for you. Every photo and video you take can be automatically organized and saved into easily searchable online albums. You can sync all your digital devices to your online family site. All your memories are saved and secure in one place the moment you take them.
Also, sharing your memories is easier than ever. No more time-consuming uploading, burning, copying, and resizing large photo and video files. One click selects which memories you want to share with family and friends on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more. You choose who you invite to view which albums. Share only what you want while keeping certain albums private just for you and your family.
For professional and semi-professional photographers, is a valuable CRM (Customer Relationship Management system.) It gives your clients an easy way to organize, secure, and share their professional photos all from one place. Which is just one of the reasons why so many studios and professional photographers have sign up to become licensed HMM

When you become a licensed HMM Partner, you aren’t just in the photography business. You’re in the memory business that gives your clients extra value by automatically synching and organizing their professional photography sessions to their private family collection. With you can attract even more clients and significantly add to your bottom line.

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